FAFS has ongoing needs in a variety of areas requiring expertise from skilled workers as well as as projects suitable for lay persons, teens, and children.  Please look below for our needs and submit the form located under the VOLUNTEER tab and indicate your interests in the "comments" box.  You are always welcome to call us for more specific information, but please submit the form so that we have a written record of your interest.

All supplies and equipment required for the projects listed below must be provided by you as a part of your ministry to Forest Avenue Family Shelter.  Since FAFS is a 501c3 organization, any money spent on supplies and equipment will be fully deductible as a contribution for tax purposes.

FAFS has projects requiring experienced carpenters, framers, caulkers, sheet-rock hangers, flooring, HVAC, and security systems. All supplies and equipment for these projects must be provided by you. These projects offer a group several different types of opportunities for members. Perhaps there is someone in your group talented in fund-raising or talking to suppliers for donations. All money and supplies donated can be claimed by the donor as a contribution for tax purposes. Once you have the supplies, the skilled workers in your group can come to the shelter and do the work!

            Build and insert new window frames and windows
               classroom windows
               kitchen windows
            Frame and cover an alley way

Various small sheet-rock needs

Caulk windows
            Caulk an outdoor freezer

Purchase and replace flooring in kitchen
             Purchase and lay tile in dining room.
             Clean and bull file in upstairs and downstairs hallways

Donation of a five-ton central-air unit for upstairs sanctuary
             Interior heating and cooling systems for two large pantries
             Purchase and install central air unit for shelter building.
             HERE'S AN IDEA.....Solar Panels ???

Purchase and installation of a security-monitoring system

          Purchase and install exterior security lighting.
  Install interior lights. Some have already been purchased.

FAFS has many needs for items made by professional, lay, and youth seamstresses.  These projects
             can be used to involve members of any organization from children to the retired.  Let your imagination
             guide you with items that would make our facility feel more homey to our guests.
                   Scrubs - tops and pants
                   Twin-size blankets
FAFS does not have a large lawn or extensive landscaping. However, our outward appearance is the
             first thing our guests see when they come and it is as important to them as the appearance of a
             private home is to the owner. As you consider these projects, please keep in mind the ability of our
             volunteer staff and supporters to maintain things. Easy-to-care-for perennials are much more
             appropriate for us than something that requires constant attention.
                   Mowing - please provide your own lawnmower
                   Trimming - FAFS owns an industrial trimmer
                   Raking/Bagging - Please provide paper yard-waste bags
                   Perennials - Please purchase and plant after approval from the ministry.

These projects lend themselves well to those less experienced in construction matters.
                   Painting storage rooms,  Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Kitchen, Pantry or Classroom floors
                   Installing towel racks and coat hooks in sleeping quarters

If your home needs regular cleaning and organizing, you can imagine that ours does.
             Cleaning projects are always available for groups of any age or experience.
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