Our guests receive a nutritious meal following a gospel testimony every evening.  We welcome groups to provide and serve this meal and bring a testimony.  Check the MEAL DATES tab for available dates. Submit your request under the "volunteer" tab and someone will return your call. Be sure to let us know if you desire to bring the meal only, the testimony only, or the meal and the testimony. 

        •  You will be responsible for purchasing, preparing, and serving the food.
        •  A balanced meal is important.  Please include vegetables and fruits in your menu. Please bring a nice salad with every meal.
        *  For various reasons, we often have vegetarians in the shelter and there is also a high incidence of diabetes    among our ladies.   For this reason, we ask that our groups bring several vegetable dishes and please do not cook meat products in the vegetables.  (One evening the meal was a meat dish, beans with pork in it, potatoes with pork in it, and rolls.  Our vegetarian ladies had only a roll to eat that night.)
           Due to the high incidence of diabetes, we also ask that groups not bring more than 2 starch items per  meal.(i.e. bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, corn) Since our ladies eat with us every evening, we are also trying to cut back on how many sweets they receive.
           To help with this, we ask that only the groups bringing the Sunday meal bring desserts. Every other evening, please do not bring desserts unless it is fresh, unsweetened fruitThank you for helping our ladies in this way.
        •  Plan on between 20 and 40 women and children.  Call 2 days before for more precise numbers.  
        •  Occasionally there are more people due to groups participating in our Urban Missions Training Center.
        •  Six to eight servers is a good number for the size of the facility.
        •  Serving norm is for our guests to go through a line much like in a cafeteria.
        •  Meal starts at 6:45 or 7 p.; Plan to arrive by 6:00p; Chapel is at 6:35 or 6:40p
           It will help us greatly if you bring any disposable items needed for the meal (especially bowls and cups)
        •  Your group will not be responsible for clean-up.  Our ladies have assigned duties.
  • Please try not to bring more than 10-15 people with your group unless you are bringing a special worship or dramatic presentation that requires more people.
  • If you bring children with you, you will be expected to keep them under control.
In the past we gave groups the opportunity to bring a gospel message or devotional. We are now asking that groups have someone give a PERSONAL TESTIMONY instead.

We do not want groups to bring devotional readings or messages. Please bring a personal testimony that includes the gospel story.We feel that this will make a greater impact on our ladies.

Probably 95% of the ladies we have in the shelter are unbelievers and many of them stay only a few nights. Please do not bring a message that you would present to a group of Christians.

Our primary goal is to present the gospel to each and every person that comes through the shelter. Chapel is one of the main ways of doing this.
  If you do not wish to do this, one of our staff would be happy to. However, we would like to know in advance whether or not your group will have someone to present their personal testimony. If you desire to bring the meal only, that is fine. Please let us know in advance.

The testimony should include information about your life before Christ, how you came to know Christ, and your life since receiving Christ.

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