Organize a drive for your church, civic group, or organization!  Let your membership know the item, the dates of the drive, and where to bring the goods.  At the end of the drive, put them in your car or truck and come visit us.  Contact the office for our current shortages.  Having a different item drive each month or quarter is a great way to keep your congregation or small group focused on missions. (please call to let us know that you are coming)

Large Print Bibles are a vital need to our ministry (Pocket Power tracts and New International Version Bibles are especially appreciated.
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   Kool-aid (plain or pre-sweetened)                                               Tylenol & Advil (generic welcomed)/First-Aid supplies
    Sugar                                                                                           Medication for Allergies, Scrapes, & Poison Ivy
    Cream Style Soups (for cooking)                                                Toilet Paper 
    Drinking Cups (disposable 12oz)                                                Laundry Detergent, preferably without scent 
    Styrofoam plates or plastic utensils                                             Disinfectant Spray
    Napkins                                                                                       Dryer Sheets
    Trash Bags (55 gallon & 16 gal)                                                 Feminine Pads / Tampons 
    Cleaning Rags                                                                              Diapers   
  * Wash Cloths                                                                                Undies (sizes 5 - 10)                
  * Bath Towels                                                                                Socks (adult women size 5 - 10 & pre-teen/teen)
  *Bed Pillows                                                               *twin size sheets, pillowcases, and blankets
  *Scrubs - tops and bottoms (especially larger sizes)

  *'New" is Nice, but not Necessary   
  An item drive can be for one, two, or more items at a time. Doing an item drive for one or two items is a  
  great way for children to learn the concept of you do unto the least of these you do also unto me

 If you have  construction material to donate, please fill out the volunteer form and in the comment section put what your item is and the quantity of material you have to donate. Please do not bring donations without calling first. We want to be home. :)
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